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Working principle of car speaker

speaker working principle in car

Every morning when I go to work, there are always a lot of cars whistling across the road. At rush hour, some roads are always very congested. At this time, people's mood has been very upset. In addition, there are always so many cars desperately honking their speakers from time to time, which makes people even more upset. So how does the car speaker work? How does it work?

The speaker is the acoustic signal device of a car. In the driving process of the car, the driver sends out the necessary audio signals according to the needs and regulations, warns the pedestrians and draws the attention of other vehicles, ensures the traffic safety, and is also used for urging and transmitting signals.

The electric speaker of automobile makes sound by the vibration of metal diaphragm. Automobile electric speaker is composed of iron core, magnetic coil, contact, armature, diaphragm, etc. When the driver presses the horn switch, the current flows through the contact through the coil, the coil generates magnetic force to absorb the armature, forces the diaphragm to move, the armature moves to make the contact open, the current is interrupted, the coil magnetic force disappears, the diaphragm returns to its original position together with the armature under the action of its own elasticity and spring plate, the contact closed circuit is connected again, the current flows through the contact through the coil to generate magnetic force, and the above actions are repeated Made. The diaphragm vibrates so repeatedly that it sounds. The resonance board is rigidly connected with the diaphragm, which can make the vibration smooth and sound more pleasant (i.e. electromagnet principle).

Car speaker working principle

According to the sound power of automobile speaker, it can be divided into two types: air speaker and electric speaker; according to its shape, it can be divided into three types: cylinder, spiral and basin; according to the sound frequency, it can be divided into two types: tweeter and woofer.

The working principle of air speaker is to use the air flow of compressed air to make the metal diaphragm vibrate and make sound, so it must be able to be used above the vehicle with air compressor. Generally, air horns are installed on buses and heavy trucks.

The working principle of the electric speaker is to make the metal diaphragm vibrate and make sound by using electromagnetic force. It is a kind of horn widely used in automobile. The commonly used electric horn can be divided into mechanical type and electronic type according to its working mode.

There are so many kinds of terrific car speakers. I don't know what kind of speaker we choose for our car? If you are very interested in the speaker of your car, you can go to the relevant instructions. Generally, there will be corresponding instructions, or you can call the customer service directly.