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Which type of subwoofer box is best?



Subwoofer is a common name or abbreviation. Strictly speaking, it should be: subwoofer. Bass is actually a name for bass music in electronic music.

In terms of the audio analysis that can be heard by the human ear, it is composed of heavy bass, bass, low middle tone, middle tone, middle high tone, high voice and super high tone, which can strengthen the rhythm of syllables.

In short, the bass is the basic framework of sound, the midrange is the flesh and blood of sound, and the treble is the detailed reflection of sound. Subwoofer because of the long sound wave, will cause a strong vibration of the human ear, the human brain and limbs senses will feel, this is the sense of shock! In terms of the needs of audio program source reflected by audio and home theater, bass only exists in specific program source and needs to be restored. With it, the restoration of program source can be more solid and full of enthusiasm. Without it, people will feel lack of strength, energy and enthusiasm. For example, in the cinema or in reality, we can feel the shock of the power and energy when the plane takes off, but if our home theater is not equipped with subwoofer speakers or the configuration is unreasonable, people can not feel the shock.

Advantages of subwoofer box

Best subwoofer performance. Subwoofers usually sound from the front and rear. If there is no enclosure, sound from the rear of the speaker cancels the frequency at the front of the speaker. The subwoofer housing contains frequencies from the back of the speakers to produce a uniform sound.

Prevent overheating. Most subwoofers have enough space around the speakers to allow air to pass in and out freely. This helps cool the subwoofer to prevent overheating and damage to key components, especially when you play loud music.

Beautiful. Subwoofers designed by most manufacturers are carpeted on the outside to match the interior of most vehicles. The closed subwoofer makes your car look classy, especially when it's in the trunk.

Subwoofer box type

Sealed box

The hermetic housing is compact in design with only one opening and the head of the speaker rests on it. Air doesn't get in and out of the box, so this design is suitable for almost all vehicles. You'll get accurate, clean sound from the speaker and chassis settings, but you need more power to play a higher volume.


Port box

Port or vent box enhances bass response. Regardless of amplifier power, they provide a stronger bass than a sealed box. The port box also improves air flow to the subwoofer to prevent overheating, especially when playing music for long periods of time. They are suitable for playing heavy metals and similar types of music while driving.


Bandpass box

The bandpass enclosure is a variant of the port box. The only difference is that they make more noise, in a narrow frequency range. This is a typical twin subwoofer, with one chamber open and the other closed. Although not all subwoofers work well with bandpass boxes, they have better bass power and are suitable for aggressive sounds such as reggae, rap and hard rock.

Free air subwoofer box

The free air enclosure requires a bass speaker to be mounted on a panel and then connected to the rear deck or trunk next to the rear seat. In this case, the boot acts as an enclosure to isolate the low frequency signals from the rear of the vehicle. This eliminates the problem of sound distortion in subwoofers without a shell. These types of boxes are easy to install, but only for subwoofers designed for free air use.

Main features

Type of enclosure

The sealed box is most suitable for small and medium-sized vehicles with small interior space. If you have only one subwoofer, it's also more economical to choose a sealed box. If you're a big fan of loud music on long-distance bus trips, consider buying a box with a hole or a belt pass.


The size of the enclosure largely depends on how many subwoofers you have. Dual chassis, as the name suggests, can contain two speakers. You need to choose a design that matches your speaker size. For example, a 12 inch dual box works well with a 10 to 12 inch subwoofer, but it's too small for a pair of 15 inch subwoofers.

Other considerations

Beautiful: the shell should complement the interior of your vehicle. Most manufacturers have an outer layer of carpet or a sloped design that looks attractive when mounted inside a car.

Available space: make all necessary measurements to determine if there is enough space in your car to install a new subwoofer box. Whether the box is straight or wedge-shaped will also determine your choice of space.

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