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What kind of speakers do families use

There are two types of home audio: hifi and AV. If you like to listen to pure music such as symphony, singing, piano, etc., select the hifi box. The hifi box is 2-channel without a subwoofer, because their frequency band is already wide enough. Now, choose pure power amplifier, two-channel power amplifier.

If you like home theater, you are recommended to configure 5.1 or 7.1 channels, which is composed of 5 (7) independent speakers and a subwoofer, and must be driven by the corresponding AV amplifier.

If you want to buy audio that pays attention to sound quality, first of all, make sure:

1. The right place. How big the sound is in what place to listen to, and the ambient acoustics are handled properly. Note that it is not a sound absorption process! Sometimes it may be necessary to add some reflected sound. Bookshelf speakers are suitable for rooms with more than 20 square meters, while floor-standing speakers are suitable for 30 to 40 square meters.

2. The overall concept. The sound system is a whole. Even the power line and signal line have a great impact on the sound. See what CD player (sound source) and what power amplifier he matches you. In high-end systems, the speaker is the easiest to make and invest. The least part! The power amplifier is higher than the speaker investment, and the CD player investment is the highest. So a good front end is essential.

Audio is a profound knowledge, you need to learn it slowly. Concentrating everyone's wisdom will be more efficient, make yourself a master, and recommend you my favorite audio. First of all, HiVi and Edifier are good, many friends. All told me that Hivi is expensive, has a certain price-performance ratio, and the sound quality is guaranteed, but the low price, the convenience of the sound will often cause problems; the current level of the craftsmanship of the walker is OK, but the quality of the speakers, objectively speaking In the same price products, among these high-end producers in the home, it should be counted down.

, BT-audio rose 5.1 theater, the scope of application is also relatively wide, ultra-high cost performance floor theater, no one can match the same price, the theater integrates the traditional Chinese mahogany home concept, elegant and noble appearance, using a quiet cabinet Technology, showing a surprising pitch and a sound field with a strong sense of space. The movie effect is particularly outstanding. In the true sense, it is the most suitable sound for ordinary people.