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What are the tips for leasing stage professional audio equipment

Since most of the stages are built temporarily, the audio equipment used is not purchased for long-term use, so there is no continuity of use. Therefore, we need to have a professional vision for unfamiliar imaging equipment. Therefore, the professional stage rental company reminds you to master the following skills when renting professional audio equipment.


First, look at the sound technology and frequency response range


Among current professional audio equipment, there are more practical 3D sound effects technology and there are many types. When playing sounds, people will feel that there is a three-dimensional effect and more three-dimensional. Performance and technology. At the same time, the stage sound rental company's introduction of the frequency response range is also very important. This is a very critical parameter for distinguishing the quality of professional audio equipment, and even directly affects performance and price.


Second, see if the power level meets your needs


The larger the stage, the greater the power requirements for professional audio equipment. Stage audio rental companies emphasize that this is because the shock power that directly affects the sound effect of the stage is sufficient. The reputable and well-known stage audio rental companies may not have a uniform power labeling in the market, so we should use professional knowledge to identify this aspect, and more importantly, it must be suitable for the area used. This is a very critical point.


Third, see if the sensitivity can meet the requirements


Probably most laymen don't know much about the sensitivity of the sound. It is a very important point that a professional sound equipment rental company with a reputation and reputation introduces. In fact, it can generally be obtained by measuring in the corresponding range. Happening. Professional audio equipment rental companies with excellent quality and service emphasize that we need to choose different sensitivity levels according to the needs of our own use. This is the key to the satisfaction of stage sound effects.


The above are the aspects included in the skills of leasing stage professional audio equipment. In addition, you should also look at the impedance and signal-to-noise ratio. High-quality professional audio equipment rental companies are mainly divided into high and low types. There are usually many types of impedances on the market. Generally speaking, low-noise speakers can basically meet general needs.