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What are the differences between professional sound system and home audio system?

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Professional sound refers to the professional entertainment places such as song and dance hall, karaoke hall, theater, conference room and stadium. According to different places, different requirements of sound, and various factors such as the size of the venue, the sound system solutions of different places are configured.

General professional sound has high sensitivity, high sound pressure, good strength and high power. Compared with home audio, its sound quality is hard and its appearance is not very exquisite. But in the professional audio monitor speaker, its performance and home audio is closer, the appearance is generally more delicate, compact.

professional sound system in China

Configuration and composition of general professional audio system

1. Sound source (music playing equipment, pickup equipment, musical instruments, etc.);

2. Control equipment (analog mixer, digital mixer, digital audio media matrix, AV digital management center, the latter two are more used in meetings);

3. Peripheral equipment (processor, equalizer, voltage limiter, frequency divider, exciter, delayer, effector, feedback suppressor);

4. Restore equipment (loudspeaker system, power amplifier);

Connecting wire (the above equipment is made of various types of wire and optical fiber, which are more and more used at present).

Technical terms involved in professional sound system

1. Sound pressure level: refers to the actual sound pressure and the reference sound pressure ratio of 20 times the logarithm value, the unit is decibels, is an important index to measure the sound production of sound system and the acoustic quality of sound reinforcement place;

2. Sound reinforcement power: refers to the rated power required by sound reinforcement equipment when it reaches the rated sound pressure level designed by the system, and the unit is watt. It is the direct embodiment of acoustic index in the electro acoustic parameters, which is related to the final cost of the project, so it is particularly important;

3. Hum: the 50 Hz AC sound is named after the similarity of low frequency sound and hum. Excessive power ripple coefficient and poor anti-interference performance of audio equipment will lead to hum;

4. Pure tone: the sound of sinusoidal signal, which has a clear single tone in hearing, such as the sound from a tuning fork;

5. Intermodulation distortion: a signal distortion in which a single audio signal with two amplitudes mixed in a certain proportion (usually 4:1) passes through a playback device and produces a new frequency component;

6. Octave: the frequency range between two sounds with a frequency ratio of 2. The pitch relationship between one octave is octave, that is, every time the frequency is doubled, the pitch increases by one octave;

7. Frequency divider: a kind of circuit device in the loudspeaker box, which is used to separate the input music signal into different parts such as treble, midrange and bass, and then send them to the corresponding high, medium and low pitch speaker units for playback;

8. Dual amplifier splitting: a connection mode in which each speaker unit of the speaker box is driven by an independent amplifier channel. Two stereo power amplifiers and two pairs of speaker wires are required for a pair of two frequency division speakers;

Double line division: it is a kind of connection mode that two sets of loudspeaker wires are used to transmit the high and low part of music signal respectively, which requires the use of specially designed speaker box with two pairs of wiring terminals;

10. Amplifier: the general name of preamplifier and power amplifier;

11. Power amplifier: referred to as power amplifier, which is used to enhance signal power to drive the speaker to make sound. The power amplifier without auxiliary functions such as signal source selection and volume control is called the back stage;

12. Preamplifier: the preamplifier and control part before the power amplifier, used to enhance the voltage amplitude of the signal, provide input signal selection, tone adjustment and volume control functions, also known as the front stage;

13. Combined amplifier: the preamplifier and power amplifier are concentrated in one cabinet;

Courage: another way of saying tube amplifier.

A reasonable design of professional sound system is not only the design and debugging of the electroacoustic system, but also the actual sound transmission environment, in which accurate on-site tuning is carried out, and the requirements and solutions for professional sound in different places are different. Professional audio equipment has high requirements for users, which requires professional theoretical knowledge, accurate listening ability, strong debugging level, emphasis on fault diagnosis and troubleshooting ability, and has a good understanding of the functions and use of various equipment.

Home audio is generally used for indoor broadcasting. It is characterized by delicate and soft sound quality, delicate and beautiful appearance, low sound pressure level, less power and small range of sound transmission.

Common home audio system configuration


1. Sound source: CD player, LP player and DVD player are common audio sources in home audio system;

2. Amplification equipment: in order to effectively launch the loudspeaker to produce sound with high power, the signal output from the sound source should be power amplified. Now the common amplification equipment is av power amplifier, which is generally transistor power amplifier, and some enthusiasts are fond of electronic tube amplifier;

3. Sound reproduction equipment: sound box, whose performance will directly affect the listening effect;

4. Connecting line: including the connecting line from sound source to power amplifier and from power amplifier to speaker.

Home audio

Home audio is generally used for indoor broadcasting. It is characterized by delicate and soft sound quality, delicate and beautiful appearance, low sound pressure level, less power and small range of sound transmission.

Basic requirements for home audio system

1. Requirements for home audio equipment

The goal of home audio system is to get ideal listening effect. Different objects of appreciation require different acoustic effects. For example, listening to pop music, classical music and light music requires that all kinds of musical instruments can be restored correctly, while watching movies requires a sense of scene and surrounding of sound effects.

For the sound source, the same set of equipment, different sound sources will get different sound effects;

Generally speaking, it doesn't need a lot of power output in the home, but it has higher requirements on the sensitivity, pointing characteristics and frequency response characteristics of the speaker;

For the connecting wire, many people tend to ignore the function of the connecting wire, but in fact, its impact on the sound effect can not be ignored, and its frequency characteristics and shielding characteristics must be better.

2. Requirements of home audio system for listening environment

The general family living room is the listening room. Restricted by the objective conditions, it is difficult to adjust the proportion of listening environment at will. It is more important to consider how to achieve the best listening effect under the existing size conditions - the symmetry of the listening environment, including the symmetry between the check scale and the acoustics, the geometric symmetry and the sound setting should be geometrically symmetrical. Acoustic symmetry means that the acoustic conditions near the symmetrical speaker are basically the same, including the direct sound, reflection and absorption characteristics of sound wave should be consistent, which requires the selection of decorative materials and the layout of furniture should meet the good acoustic characteristics of listening.

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