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Three key points of identifying and selecting the speaker box

As we all know, in a complete set of professional sound package, speaker box, as the terminal equipment of audio, is like a voice. The quality of the sound box determines the quality of a set of sound to a great extent. This article mainly from five aspects to analyze how to identify and select louder speaker boxes, specifically follow the editor together to understand.

Introduction of speaker box

Speaker box refers to a kind of equipment that can transform audio signal into sound. Generally speaking, it means that the speaker main box or subwoofer box is equipped with its own power amplifier. After the audio signal is amplified and processed, the sound is played back by the speaker itself to make its sound bigger.

The sound box is the terminal of the whole sound system. Its function is to convert the audio electric energy into the corresponding sound energy and radiate it to the space. It is an extremely important part of the sound system, which takes on the task of transforming electrical signals into sound signals for people's ears to listen directly.

Professional Plastic Speaker Box

Three key points of sound box identification and selection

Preliminary understanding of sound box before audition

For the initial understanding of a pair of speakers, the steps of "viewing, weighing, knocking and recognizing" can be used to identify: one viewing process, two weighing, three knocking box and four identifying nameplate. The appearance process is to judge the quality and quality of the speaker from the first image of the speaker: naturally, the speaker made of natural log is the best, and many world-class famous brands, including Italy's Chario and Guarneri, are extremely expensive Homage and so on, but due to environmental protection, lack of resources, difficult processing technology, long time and other factors, such good boxes will not be popularized as the ubiquitous "Rejoice" shampoo, and the price is certainly not low.

In particular, the symmetrical butterfly pattern real wood skin after multi-layer painting and polishing piano lacquer, most of them can be regarded as high-end quality speakers, with few imitations. The case with PVC plastic skin is a kind of goods on the road. Although it has fine workmanship, it is better to count only the middle and low-grade goods. While the box decorated with this paper should pay more attention to the sticking seam behind the box and whether the digging and binding process of the horn installation position is accurate. Fake and shoddy products generally do not pay attention to these details, so a little attention can accurately determine. In fact, the real log box is almost invisible even on the Hi-Fi box. Because the wood that can satisfy the requirements of making speakers is very rare, for example, the wood used by Chario in many top products is the top Italian red oak that has grown for more than 40 years. According to Italian environmental protection laws, for each tree species cut down, the buyer must plant another 10 similar saplings in addition to the wood price.

Judging the loudspeaker box by technical index

There is usually a technical label on the back of the finished speaker: the content is just the frequency range, agility, carrying power and impedance of the speaker. The agility rate is the most important index of the speaker, which determines to a large extent what kind of amplifier should be selected for the speaker, how much power is needed to push and so on. The agility of most hearing level home speakers is between 86-92db. For a unified stage power amplifier, the higher the agility means that the louder the sound is, the lower the power demand and requirement of the speaker for the power amplifier will be.

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A good speaker box can let you hear the correct audio-visual positioning

The so-called image positioning refers to the position of each instrument in the playing. Like a big symphony orchestra.

A good sound box can accurately reproduce the sound field positioning with distinct layers. Even if you are not a hot friend, you can also hear the sound of various instruments from the virtual stage in front of you at the direction of experts. It is not just the mixed melody of various sounds from the sound sources of two speakers. A better speaker box can be auditioned in a professional audition room with strict acoustic treatment and moderate size. You can even feel the special sense of space and scene at the music concert!