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The function of speaker basket and speaker T yoke

Our company provides various of parts of speaker, main products including ferrite magnet, NdFeB magnet, speaker cone, speaker voice coil, speaker basket and speaker T yoke, speaker terminal and so on. Many customers do not know about the function of speaker basket and speaker T yoke, so this article will be a good introduction about the speaker basket and speaker T yoke and you can use this as a reference to learn more about parts of speaker.

Speaker basket/frame

In consideration of the cost of the frame in the loudspeaker, the frame used by the general manufacturers is relatively thin. In order to strengthen the overall stability, the stiffeners will be added at the edge to ensure its performance. Nowadays, the high-quality unit is generally made of cast aluminum, which is characterized by light weight, good rigidity and easy processing. Although the part of the frame connected with the magnetic steel is round, for some high-rise brands, they will also consider the upper and lower ends of the basin frame in design, not 360 ┬░installation at will. This is because the sound unit will be subjected to a vertical downward gravity after installation. For the unit with large magnetic steel, the force will be very obvious. Therefore, for the pursuit of the pole manufacturers, the lower part of the pot frame design will be significantly stronger than the upper part to offset the burden of magnetic steel gravity. Some domestic manufacturers don't pay attention to this, which is why there is a significant gap in sound when using the same loudspeaker.

Speaker T Yoke & Washer/Top Plate

T yoke also known as electrical iron, its texture is pure iron. In the sound unit, the main function of T yoke is to conduct magnetism when it is electrified, but it has no remanence. When the speaker loses power, the magnetic field disappears, and its trip disappears immediately. Therefore, the purity of TFE will directly affect the working efficiency of the sound unit and some important parameters of nonlinear distortion.

The thickness of the top plate directly affects the stroke of the sound unit. For the long stroke unit, both the T yoke and the plate are very thick. They can basically make the whole stroke of the voice coil do the cutting magnetic induction line movement. The smaller the gap between the top plate and the T yoke center pillar is, the smaller the power required for the voice coil motion is, and the higher the efficiency of the sound horn is.

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