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Some methods of burn in

What is a burn in? The so-called burn in generally refers to the process of accelerating the aging of new or long unused speakers by playing audio signals before formal use. This process enables the speaker to achieve the best sound quality. But what is the specific method of speaker burn in? Next, let's take a look at the two common burn in methods prepared by the author for you.

1、 Natural burn in louder speaker method

It's the process of listening to music to bring along the casserole. This method takes a long time. For example, it takes an hour a day to listen to a regular box. It may take several months to listen to a regular box. This method does not have any skills. It just needs to listen for a long time. However, there are some rules about what to listen to.

The first stage: run in should use a special kind of sound CD signal disc, which records pink Noise, also known as pink noise, is important to use its wide frequency range, from 20Hz to 20kHz, continuously playing from the highest to the lowest frequency band. It is not difficult to find this kind of sound CD. Many audio and video stores sell similar trial CD records or CD for run in.

The second stage: use the second type of disc bandwidth to take into account the overall effect of the music CD, the focus is to burn out the sense of music and taste. The selected CD tracks can consider classical music, symphony, opera, jazz, traditional folk music and pop music. The speaker box should not be rigidly confined to a single music playing for a long time. Instead, it must be mixed. Every kind of music should be tried again and again.

The third stage: it is based on your favorite music type, so that the equipment can play this type of music more fully.

The work of the latter two stages is a little more complicated, and we need to listen and switch CDs all the time. During the power on period, you can turn on the switch of the speaker even when you are resting, so that the speaker is in standby mode. At this time, although there is no sound signal input, the power supply part, the operational amplifier and the power amplifier are all in a power on standby state. Therefore, although the speaker is not working, the circuit is still in the working state of power on, so that the speaker can be placed in a standby state In standby mode, it is also conducive to the early cooking of electronic tubes, capacitors and various semiconductor chips.

When no less than 40 working hours of strict run in to complete the sound of the complete transformation, you will feel that it is indeed a beautiful thing. The reason why so many people like to play with the sound is that in addition to the pleasure brought by music, there are many suspensions brought to you by various kinds of speaker worthy of consideration. The run in can undoubtedly help you to solve these suspensions.

2、 Software burn in speaker method

This method is relatively faster, because the speaker itself has an aging process in use, so excessive cooking will shorten the process, which is not conducive to the service life of the speaker. This is also a factor to be considered.

1. Download and open the stroller box burning tool, and turn on the box burning function in the software. According to its default settings, you can hear the "rustling" sound from the speaker or headset.

Click on the small horn icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Select stereo mix in options - recording, then check stereo mix in the menu that pops up, and turn up the volume in the option appropriately.

3. In start - all programs - Accessories - entertainment, open the recorder program attached to windows, and select the attribute in the recorder file. Click Convert now to change the option in the attribute to 48Khz, 16 bit, stereo.

4. The following steps are simple. You just need to click the recording key in the recorder to generate an audio file. It should be noted that the recorder program will automatically stop after recording for 1 minute. At this time, we can click some recording keys again, and save and exit the audio file after the next stop. Generate pink noise signal text.

In addition, on some sound cards, the recorded sound may be intermittent, which is different from the original sound. This is mostly because the recording level is too high and clipping occurs. At this time, the problem can be solved by properly lowering the volume in the stereo mixing.

5. Turn on the function of signal generator in the wanderer's oven tool, set the signal type as scanning signal, the scanning mode is linear scanning, and the scanning signal is 20Hz ~ 20000hz. Then, according to the previous setting mode, the frequency sweep signal file is generated.

Then, change the signal type to a single frequency. As for the signal frequency, you can set the signal frequency according to the subwoofer diameter in your speaker. For example, if the bass is a 5-inch unit, the frequency can be set to 50 Hz, 6.5-inch, 43 Hz, 8-inch, 35 Hz, and 30 Hz if the 10 inch unit is used. According to the previous settings, low frequency signal file is generated.

We need to remind you that every time you record, you need to reset the properties of the recorder. Otherwise, it will return to the default settings.

6. Now you can copy these three files into MP3. Of course, you can copy some songs you often listen to into MP3. Yes, the purpose of our previous work is to use MP3 to complete the cooking process. Of course, if you don't have an MP3 player, or you don't like the above steps, or you don't care about your computer, then you can completely ignore the above steps and complete the following operations with the computer.

This is the end of the specific method of the speaker burn in. Which of these two methods is better? I think it is the first kind of natural burn in speaker. It not only has remarkable test effect, but also is true and reliable.

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