Manufacturer 6.25 inch black PP cone with rubber edge wholesale in China

Brand Name: H YANKA/OEM
MOQ: 1000PCS
The color of edge: black color
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Model Number:HPR158-15-H-6-A-N7
Brand Name:H YANKA/OEM

Product Features:

Suitable for high - grade speakers, good consistency, small distortion, all aspects of performance are very good, wide range of applications.H YANKA's pure black design makes the speakers more composed and atmospheric.

The toughness of PP cone is very good, and the audio signal can be absorbed quickly during transmission, that is to say, the damping property of PP cone is also very good. In the sense of hearing, the performance is that the distortion is very low and the voice tone is smooth and natural. Another advantage of PP cone is better moisture resistance. At present, some medium and high-grade speakers will use PP cone.

Materials of Speaker Cone:

Manufacturer 6.25 inch black PP cone in China

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