Manufacturer 2x10 inch active wooden small line array with DSP function

Specification: DSP18
Use Parts: 50 Pieces
Supply Ability : 10000 Pieces/Month
Payment Terms : TT , LC , Others
Place of Origin :Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:Brand Name:
Impedance:8 Ohm
Input connector:Speakon
Max Power:1000W

Specification for Subwoofer:

1/Woofer:2x10'',Voice coil: 2.5", Magenet: 60 OZ,Alu frame;

2/Frequency response:40-250hz


4/Max Power:1600W

5/Sensitivity 1w/1m :108db

6/Peak spl:141db

7/Impedance:4 Ohm

8/Input connector:XLR&1/4"JACK LINE IN,XLR LINE OUT,DSP control;

Manufacturer 2x10 inch active wooden small line array

Specification for Line array:


2/Frequency response:150-20Khz 


4/Max Power:1000W

5/Sensitivity 1w/1m :102db

6/Peak Spl:135db

7/Impedance:8 Ohm

8/Input connector:Speakon


1/Plain box with Foam and double corrugated carton ;

2/With Flight case and Totally weight:104KGs


Our Automatic production line can produce Thousands of speaker per day,because manufacture by same standard from Machine,the quality is much stable than handmade speaker driver.

Our QC system help our engineer test the parameter accurately,it help us a lot to make OEM speaker for customers.

Each speaker must test full range frequency before packing,to ensure the speaker have best performance.

R& D Capacity:

In the R&D, our experienced engineers and technicians carry out researches on new materials.state-of-art components and advanced product designs with the help of an anechoic chamber,test instruments and simulation software.

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