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Line array speakers are more than just a few speakers put together

With the development of the times, the development of electronic products is very fast, the corresponding sound for people is also in the rapid development, in the current market of many audio, in the world many large-scale games, large-scale performance scene appeared line array loudspeaker system. What is line array speaker? What are its advantages, disadvantages and principles? The following is a detailed introduction.

Line array

What is a line array? A linear array is a group of radiation units arranged in a straight line and closely spaced, and have the same amplitude and phase. Although it is arranged in a straight line, the angle of coverage is different. The concept of line array is not new today. It was first proposed by H. F. Olsen, a famous American acoustic expert. In 1957, Mr. Olson published the classic acoustic engineering, acoustic engineering, which discussed that line array is particularly suitable for long-distance acoustic radiation. This is because the line array can provide very good directivity of the vertical coverage surface to achieve good acoustic effect. The first line array loudspeaker system appeared in the 1970s, but it was not perfect at that time. It is in the form of "sound wall". Dozens or even hundreds of speakers are stacked horizontally and vertically to form a sound wall. When the power of tens of thousands of watts is turned on, the ground is shaking and the momentum is extraordinary. But people soon found its shortcomings, not only need too many speakers, but also the interference between speakers makes the sound quality worse, directivity and coverage are affected. At the European AES meeting in 1983, Philips introduced the concept of Bessel function matrix, and used a simple weighting factor to solve this problem. But to make Bessel arrays, you have to get a license from Philips and pay a price. Interestingly, the companies that use line array loudspeaker systems are very quiet about Bessel arrays. At present, the line array loudspeaker system has been fully improved, which can not be compared with the initial stage. It is also very practical in structure. For example, dozens of boxes can be assembled, hung and wired within an hour, and put into use immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages of line array

Due to the characteristics of line array, the directivity is narrow beam in the vertical plane of the main axis, and the energy superposition can radiate far away. The lower end of the curved part of the linear column covers the near area, forming a cover from near to far.

(2) The improvement of line array sound amplifier is more in line with the requirements of technology, process and installation. The middle high frequency part is special. Two (JBL) or three (V) high-frequency loudspeakers are connected together. Fj2j is called sound wave generator by JBL company and plane wave generator by E-V company. According to the analysis of MAPP software, the directivity of line array becomes sharper with the increase of frequency. When a certain frequency is reached, such as 2KHz, the directivity is radiated, that is, the lobe appears in the directivity diagram. At this time, the sound wave generator composed of high-frequency loudspeakers will work to strengthen the high-frequency directivity superposition.

(3) Line array can not ignore the mutual interference, line array itself does not improve the sound quality.

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