High performance 5.25 inch sliver press-paper cone with black color rubber edge in China

Brand Name: H YANKA/OEM
Model Number: HCR135-12-B
Size: 5.25 inch
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
The color of edge:black color
Package:double sturdy carton with external strapping

Product Features:

Slightly soft texture, the performance of soft music is also very good, chunhou natural voice.If you like to listen to melodious music, using it to listen to symphonies will make you feel like you are there.It is a high quality speaker cone.

Although the cost of paper cone is low, its timbre performance is good and its sensitivity is high. So the paper cone is the most widely used. Although the paper cone looks like a low-tech material on the surface, and can be processed properly, it can obtain good bandwidth and smooth response at the same time, which is completely comparable with high-tech materials.

High performance 5.25 inch sliver press-paper cone

Materials of Speaker Cone:

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