High intensity 6x9 inch steel speaker frame

Color: black color
MOQ: 1000PCS
Material: steel
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Size:6x9 inch speaker basket
Package:double sturdy carton with external strapping

Product Features:

Steel basket also has the advantages that other materials can not replace. It has good processing performance. Steel is the oldest pot frame, and its processing technology has developed to a quite stable level. Its strength is large, the strength of steel under the same volume is far greater than that of aluminum alloy, so the strength of qualified Steel Basket can be assured.

The steel speaker basket is the "skeleton" of the cone loudspeaker, which can combine the diaphragm, the folding ring, the centring piece, the magnet, the magnetic conducting element, etc. it can also play the role of installing the loudspeaker on the box. When the loudspeaker is working, the diaphragm will conduct the vibration to the fold ring, the fold ring, and then to the basin frame, and further to the box. 

Adopting the sheet metal stamping process, the consistency is very good, the stamping pattern on the surface further increases the strength of the basin frame. Black surface spray treatment, durable wear - resistant.

Plating Type:


Spray Paint


Electrophoretic coating

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