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Don't think that car speakers are ordinary speakers any more!

Loudspeaker plays a decisive role in the whole sound system. It can even affect the style of the whole sound system. A good louder speaker has its own personality. In the refitting of car audio system, it is the most common and basic refitting to change the main unit and loudspeaker. In the car audio system, the speaker is used as a restoring device to restore the sound, and the quality of the sound is directly reflected by the speaker, that is to say, even if the whole audio system is complex, ultimately we only hear the sound of the speaker. The following describes the terminal equipment in car audio speaker.

Characteristics of car speakers

When you walk into the car audio store, you will see the speakers with different styles and exquisite features in addition to a variety of hosts and power amplifiers. You may think that they are the same as the general household audio, but in fact they are not. What's the difference?


Household loudspeakers are used in the room, so the temperature difference is small, while the car works outdoors, with the climate changing, the temperature difference is large, so it is necessary to resist the temperature aging.


When the car is raining, running on a waterway or washing the car, it will be attacked by humidity. Therefore, the car speakers need to be moistureproof. Now, they mostly use moistureproof chemical synthetic material sound basin.


Home appliance speakers are used in the room, so there is less dust, while there is more dust in the car, so dust cover is needed to prevent noise caused by friction of voice coil.


The vehicle loudspeaker is impacted by the vibration of the vehicle whenever and wherever it moves, so the design should be firm and not loose.


Considering all kinds of noise and vibration, the materials used are different, and various methods should be used to offset different noise.


The power supply voltage of the car is low. In order to obtain high power, the impedance of the loudspeaker is small. 4 Ω, 3.2 Ω and 2 Ω are used more.

By performance and purpose

Can be divided into: unit speaker, package speaker, coaxial speaker, subwoofer.

A. Unit Speaker:

Most of the original loudspeakers in the car are unit loudspeakers, which are simple in structure and can only show the range of mid-range. They show that the high tone is not bright and the low tone is not thick, so they are low-end products.

B. Package Speaker:

The set of loudspeakers is composed of tweeter, midrange loudspeakers, frequency divider, etc. There are two kinds of commonly used, one is dichotomy and the other is trisection, which is advantageous to the location of sound field. Because different loudspeakers are responsible for different frequencies, the frequency division is accurate and the frequency range is wide. Here we will introduce the frequency divider. The frequency divider connects the sound source, treble and bass to make it a system. Its function is to allocate the correct frequency to the corresponding loudspeakers, so as to ensure that the high and middle loudspeakers can perform their respective duties. There are 0, - 3dB, - 6dB marks on some frequency dividers. It is actually the attenuating circuit of a tweeter speaker. You can choose which tweeter to connect to according to your listening preferences.

Due to the excellent sound field positioning ability of the set loudspeaker, it is generally used in the front sound field. During installation, the distance between tweeter and midrange loudspeaker should not exceed 30cm. So as not to scatter the sound too much. The installation position of tweeter is particularly important. Because it will determine the position of the whole sound field.

C. Coaxial speaker:

It is to place the high and medium pitch loudspeakers on the coaxial or the same chassis. The advantage of coaxial speakers is that they are easy to install and have the same sound source, i.e. point source. The disadvantage is that the treble often "covers" the midrange; the sound is hard and the sound field is uneven, so it is generally recommended to be used as the rear sound field speaker. In practice, the performance of 150 mm × 230 mm coaxial loudspeaker is good.

D. Bass speaker:

Generally, they are more than 200 mm, and are installed in a specially made bass box. The smaller the size of the woofer, the harder and more crisp the sound effect; the larger the size, the deeper the sound effect, and the heavier the aftersound.