Chna industrial ferrite magnet Grade Y25 Size 80x32x15mm with wholesale price

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Grade: Y25
Materials: hard ferrit
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Brand Name:H YANKA/OEM

Product features:

Its hardness is very large, and its compressive strength is relatively strong. In addition, it can maintain normal magnetism for a long time, and will not be easily demagnetized by external reasons, so it is very durable. 

Speaker is very common electroacoustic energy conversion device, which can be seen in the electronic and electrical equipment that produce sound. Speakers are sound reinforcement software that can make your computer equipment a free sound amplifier. 

This magnetic material can resist demagnetization and have advantage of low cost t-ernte magnet is stiff but brittle so it needs special mechanical working It's anisotropic magnet because of magnetic direction according to manufacture orientatioa should be charged mangentisjn on the basis of direction adopted.

Ferrite magnet is composed of barium oxide and iron oxide powder, which are mixed and roasted in a high temperature furnace.

Chna industrial ferrite magnet Grade Y25

Magnet Properties of Sintered Hard Ferrite:

Phy Properties of Hard Ferrite Magnets:

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