Big power 10 inch professional stage louderspeakers manufacturer

Specification: HPS-5510AH-250W
Use Parts: 200 Pieces
Supply Ability: 10000 Pieces/Month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Woofer:10'' 40OZ,50.5mm VC,4Ohm
Tweeter:34mm ,13Oz,8 Ohm
Sensitivity:97 dB/M/W
Frequency:55-18K HZ
Accessories:1X power cord

Hiyanka has been devoted to the R&D and manufacturing of audio products for many years. Excellent product, high-quality and efficient service are our core competitiveness. It is our mission to become the world's outstanding audio resource integrator. We are provide many prime quality speaker products, such as parts of speaker, various speakers and plastic cabinet speaker box.  As a big power 10 inch professional loudspeaker manufacturer, our customers are very satisfied with our products.

Big power 10 inch professional stage louderspeakers

Key Specifications:

H YANKA Electronics specialize on manufacturers of acoustic components since it was established.

Our Automatic production line can produce Thousands of speaker per day,because manufacture by same standard from Machine,the quality is much stable than handmade speaker driver.

Our QC system help our engineer test the parameter accurately,it help us a lot to make OEM speaker for customers.

Each speaker must test full range frequency before packing,to ensure the speaker have best performance.

Professional stage louderspeakers supplier in China can meets your listen needs.

R& D Capacity:

In the R&D, our experienced engineers and technicians carry out researches on new materials.state-of-art components and advanced product designs with the help of an anechoic chamber,test instruments and simulation software.

Quality Assurance:

 Since the raw material sent in untill the speaker sent out, every aspect of them will be fully checked.

We have many advanced test equipments to measure the quality of products. No defectives will be send out.

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